Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Go Poet

A rescue is under way you see

my cold shoulder bumping up against

the twins combing their beards you see

a metropolis. Now I have your things.

You can pick them up from whomever.

Maybe I'll have them there will be nothing else.

I said you could pick them up from the twins

but you’re not going to.

You’re going to run the track at school

and you’re going to be very good. The best.

Quantrill will recruit you

for his moving sidewalk.


By summer you will remember everything.

It won't be easy. Unhinged brother will be there

to help. He has given away his lamb

for a pure soul. He is fashionable.

Now you are his time partner:

As I freeze this water I pin a medal on your hip

and we begin a balanced 2D dance. Your things

are bugged. They are ready to be rescued

from a healthy thing. Your soul is that way.

I play pickup with one thing in mind.

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