Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Even If It Lasts for Hours

I visited the museum
it was my favorite place
everything in it was beautiful
it was the same year that a memorable event took place
but nobody was sure where
each city was emptied and in an instant full again
I saw the rolling children
and remember thinking
time to be afraid
a cat made an offering to the longest house in the world
I couldn't stop saying I don't know how
because a cat's body is unusual
but it's a different time now
there is a number for the museum
I go there and watch it from the outside
where through the skinny windows
I can see a set of cheeks rising like a napping bat
and which I know are alive because before they fall
they always smudge the skinny windows
in the same way a fingerprint would
it's not the only thing I see
just one of many moving parts that I can't get near enough to touch
and probably shouldn't anyways
they're competing for memories
I don't question them
they are infinitely kind

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