Sunday, January 24, 2010

Archive Your Mistakes

promise me something

when there is action

you don’t need to ask

about compliments

I’ll shut off the heater

the big silent heater

the unfortunate yolk

spread across the earth

like a napkin

skimming the surface

and reminding the surface

of its good looks

and defying democratic process

by lying to you

a cube is a boy

who builds cubes

that are dedicated to weather

on your birthday

it was complete

because he completed it

and buried it

and covered up the burial ground

with a magazine

which he then imagined

as an old woman

discovering the very toxic

layers of earth

she grew to love

but because of their toxicity

a gold tooth in her hair

at the bottom of a lake

which made it easier to try

meaning easier to attempt to try

and get lost in the disaster

of sitting down to say hello

but forgetting to say hello

and forgetting to say shut down

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